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Sensual naturist massage (naked masseur and massaged) of the whole body of 60 minutes for men in Nyon.
The gay naturist sensual massage is a soft, sensual massage with slow and caressing gestures of all parts of the body with my hands, my arms. The client is lying on his stomach. The massage begins with the feet, going up, the calves, the thighs to the neck, passing through the kneading of the buttocks, without forgetting the stripe of the buttocks, slight back and forth and tickling at the entrance to the anus, and back. Then the massaged person turns around and the massage continues starting with the feet, legs, torso without forgetting the nipples, the belly, very gently, the penis with the scholarships, glans and base of the foreskin until ejaculation following masturbation and/or fellatio (optional).
This massage is practiced on a massage table with jojoba oil WITHOUT adding essential oils; odor neutral.

All sex sizes, body hair welcome, no judgement, be comfortable.
  • Blowjob possible with or without a condom.
  • Personally I am tested regularly and in perfect health: HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • No sodomy or prostate massage during this massage.
  • 100% discretion.
  • A shower with linen and shower product are at your disposal.
  • All linens are clean and changed after each client.
  • The reservation is made by the site, the payment after the massage in cash or credit card.
100,00 fr. 1 hour