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Gay male masseur. Massage for men in Nyon canton Vaud between Geneva and Lausanne

Male mid-50s, masculine, tall, thin, hairy. Masseur for 20 years; I practice therapeutic massages, sensual naturist massages, lingam massage on a massage table at my home in Nyon.

  • Full body massage 60 min.

    Therapeutic massage

    Therapeutic massage, relaxing massage of the whole body to eliminate stress, pain, to relax or simply to have a good moment of relaxation.

    60 minutes massage.

  • Back + neck massage 30 min.

    Therapeutic massage

    Back and neck massage on a massage table to reduce and relieve tension, back pain and neck pain.

  • Legs + buttocks massage 30 min.

    Therapeutic massage

    Massage of the double-sided legs and buttocks to restore flexibility, and eliminate tension and pain in the legs.

  • Lingam massage (penis) 45 min+

    Sensual - tantric massage

    Lingam : Sanskrit word for the penis.

    Lingam massage allows a man to indulge in a form of pleasure to which he may not be accustomed. Traditionally men have been sexually conditioned to act and get results. Lingam massage allows man to experience pleasure from a non-traditional perspective.

  • Sensual - Naturist

    Sensual massage

    Sensual, gentle massage of all parts of the body, including sex and purses, with erotic finishes at the end of the massage.

My massages
  • Shower available

  • 100% discreet

  • Clean laundry

  • Clean, disinfected WC

  • Jojoba organic odorless oil

  • Place
    • Massages are practiced at my home (apartment) in Nyon.
    • Massages are only performed on a massage table.
  • Which massage?
    • The therapeutic massages are muscular, relaxing, ideal for relieving muscle pain and tension.
    • The lingam massage or massage of the erogenous zones of the man, is a sensual, soft, naturist massage. Ideal for men suffering from premature ejaculation or men with little opportunity to ejaculate.
    • The sensual naturist massage, as its name suggests, it is a sensual, soft, relaxing massage where the masseur and the clients are both naked. Ideal for straight/bi men who want to experience the feeling of being touched by another man.
  • Naturist massage

    A naturist massage is practiced naked, as much for the masseur as the person being massaged.

  • My studies
    • I have been massaging for more than 20 years after having followed 2 years of training in classical and sports massage
    • Worked for 1 year at a physio in Geneva
    • Masseur at the Nyon triathlon
    • Masseur at Aqua-Parc in Le Bouveret
  • Unfortunately not ..... you will only have me.

  • Paid massages

    Yes, massages are chargeable. The price is mentioned in the description of each massage.

  • No, I do not offer sexual relations, such as sodomy, prostate massage etc ...

  • Booking of massages

    Reservations are made by phone +41-(0) or through the site directly.

  • No absolutely not, you can be heterosexual, bi-sexual or gay to come for a massage at my place.

  • Naked or not?
    • For a therapeutic massage, no obligation, you need to feel comfortable. If you prefer to be naked for the massage you can. If not, you can stay in your underwear.
    • For the sensual and lingam massage, yes, you must be naked for the massage.
Frequently asked questions